Spring Calculator


Sometimes referred to as “wheel travel”, this is the maximum distance the rear wheel can move in the vertical direction from the shock being fully extended to being fully compressed. The easiest way to obtain this figure is to refer to the manufacturer’s website or call Cane Creek.

Refers to the amount of shock travel available. The easiest way to obtain this figure is to refer to the manufacturer’s website or call Cane Creek.

Weight of rider, fully dressed with appropriate riding gear – don’t forget to weigh yourself with water if you carry it.

Sag is the compression of the suspension caused by the rider’s weight & is the most important suspension setting (especially on the rear). Correct sag allows the wheels to follow the contour of the terrain as you ride and has a large effect on how the bike feels. Refer to the Owner’s Manual for measuring & setting instructions.

Spring preload is the initial compression of the unweighted spring. This should remain between 1-6. See your owner’s manual for detailed instructions on preload adjustment.

Approximate percentage of the rider weight on the rear wheel

These are the specific shock mounting requirements for your bike according to Cane Creek’s data. The larger number is the width of the mounting hardware (in mm) and the smaller number is the diameter of the mounting bolt (in mm)

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