Manuals & Support Documents


HELM Owners Manual

HELM Coil Instructions

Double Barrel

DB Owner’s Manual

DB Quick-Tune Sheet

DB Air / Air CS Volume Adjustment

DB Climb Switch Instruction

Field Tuning Guide: English | German | French | Spanish | Korean

Factory Neutral Base Tune Card: DB Air | DB Coil | DB Air CS | DB Coil CS | DB Air IL | DB Coil IL | DB Inline

DB Oil Flow

DB Fit Dimensions: DB Air | DB Coil | DB Air CS | DB Coil CS | DB Air IL | DB Coil IL | DB Inline

DB Inline Recall Notice

The DIALED app for tuning is available on iTunes and Google Play.


eeWings Instruction Manual

eeWings Bottom Bracket Fitment Matrix

Seat Posts

Thudbuster Long Travel instructions: English German French

Thudbuster Short Travel instructions: English German French

Bushing replacement instructions



Standardized Headset Identification System (S.H.I.S)

110 – Series

110 EC & ZS Instructions

110 IS Instructions

40 – Series

40 EC and ZS Instructions

40 IS Instructions

10 – Series

10 EC & ZS Instructions

10 IS Instructions


AngleSet EC44|EC49 instructions

AngleSet ZS49 instructions

Keys to proper AngleSet installation

Brakes and Levers


eeBrake Instructions

eeBrake Supplemental Instructions

Cantilever & Linear Brakes & Levers

SCX-5 Brake Instructions

Crosstop Lever Instructions

Drop V Lever Instructions

Flat Top Lever Instructions

Caliper Brakes & Levers

SCR Caliper Instructions

200TT Lever Instructions

Crosstop Lever Instructions