Cane Creek Cycling Tour - Tour Schedule


Cane Creek Cycling Components has hit the road! Join us at a Cane Creek Cycling Tour event to demo premium Cane Creek components!

 Please bring your credit cardvalid photo IDpedals, & helmet.

 You will be required to fill out a digital waiver form at the Cane Creek Cycling Tour tent.

 Unless otherwise indicated, bikes are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Arrive early and be ready to ride!

 Questions? Visit our Tour FAQs or find additional information on our Facebook page.


Some super important fine print: All riders must wear a helmet while operating demo bicycle. The rider’s valid credit card and ID is kept on file for the duration of the demo. We will withhold one ID + credit card per bicycle taken out. Rider Engagement Manager reserves the right to deny a demo bike to any rider at any time. Any ride event may be cancelled, even at the last minute, due to adverse weather, trail conditions, or other necessity. Our decision to close or cancel a demo considers rider safety, positive trail stewardship, and prudent & appropriate use of equipment.



2020 Cane Creek Cycling Tour Schedule

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