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What exactly is it? Think Facebook for Double Barrel owners. A meeting place for you to gather, share and collaborate all things Cane Creek suspension. Access tuning tips from World Cup riders right down to recommended settings for your bike and local trails. We invite you to relax in the Lounge, interact with your compatriots and DEFINE YOUR GREAT. While we continue to build our community - we invite you to come in and create your profile.  New features will be coming online (great stuff is in the works!) and we want to hear from you.  If there is something you think we need in The Lounge, please email your suggestions to

Tuning Field Guide App Coming This Spring

The Tuning Field Guide is going digital! Interactively diagnose and tune your Double Barrel shock based on your individual preferences. After all, no one knows your ride better than you... DEFINE YOUR GREAT.

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Defining Your Great demands precision.
The DBAir Zero-Loss Pump from SKS.

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Tuning Field Guide

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