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We can’t think of anything better than trying out the premium components you’ve been drooling over on familiar trails before you make the decision to upgrade. Work one-on-one with Cane Creek Rider Engagement Manager, Andrew Slowey, to get set up on a demo bike, gain technical and practical knowledge about your favorite Cane Creek components, ride with the Cane Creek crew, and engage with the brand. Are you ready? Find your tour stop.




HELM Air 29
Cane Creek's DBair CS
Double Barrel Suspension
110 Premium Headset
eeSilk Suspension Seatpost
eeWings Titanium Cranks





Guerrilla Gravity was founded in 2011 by Will Montague, Matt Giaraffa, and Kristy Anderson. The Shredquarters, where bikes are manufactured and assembled, is located in downtown Denver, Colorado. Guerrilla: A community driven effort to spark change, and Gravity: The fun part of mountain biking. Guerrilla Gravity has made it a company mission to make mountain biking more awesome. They strive to improve trail access, increase ridership, and of course – make badass bikes! The company’s design philosophy centers around a high level of refinement and focus on efficiency, creating bikes that are made for goin’ fast, built to last, and are easy to work on.

Cane Creek Cycling Tour will feature Guerrilla Gravity’s The Smash finished with Cane Creek’s eeWings titanium cranks, HELM Air 29 suspension fork, and Double Barrel shock. Like Guerrilla Gravity’s bikes, Cane Creek suspension products like Helm and Double Barrel are made for goin’ fast and offer a ton of adjustments so every rider can fine tune their bike for their trails. To boot, Cane Creek Helm fork is now offered as an upgrade on every model in Guerrilla Gravity’s line up. Additionally, The Smash and Megatrail will have the DBAir CS as an upgrade, and the Shred Dogg and Trail Pistol will have the DBCoil IL as an upgrade option.

A 29″, 160mm travel trail bike, The Smash allows you to choose your own path, no matter what stands in your way. The combination of GG-style geometry and Freedom Linkage suspension platform creates a 29er you can take on anything from epic big mountain days, to days in the bike park, to your rock-strewn after-work lap. Riders can choose between Crush Mode and Plush Mode for the suspension platform that’s ideal for your local terrain and riding style. Crush Mode is more poppy and supportive, while Plush Mode is smoother in the rough–turning rock gardens into a fine velour carpet. Available on tour in sizes 3 and 4, fitting riders 5’7″ and up.


In 1986, Litespeed’s founders sought to provide an answer to cyclists asking for something strong and durable, yet light and agile. Up for the challenge, a team of designers began a new breed of bikes: Litespeed. Litespeed bikes are manufactured and assembled in its own factory in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Litespeed delivers bikes that reflect a supreme attention to detail, are unequivocally reliable, and perform at the highest level. From their perspective, it makes sense to partner with a component manufacturer that offers the same. As a result, the rider is able to have an ideal experience on a holistic bike.

Cane Creek Cycling Tour will feature Litespeed’s Ultimate Gravel Ultegra Di2 completely decked out in Cane Creek components. Cane Creek’s eeWings titanium cranks, eeSilk premium suspension seatpost, and the 110 headset are right at home on this titanium beast. Litespeed boasts, “[The Ultimate Gravel] features race bike agility, pack stability, climbs and descends with ease, and yes, aerodynamics – [it’s] the Ultimate do-it-all gravel bike. We’ve even added vertical compliance using tubular, aero, titanium tubes as subtle springs.” We agree… and adding additional Cane Creek components takes the bike to the next level.

All-new Ultimate Gravel titanium race bike is agile, aero, and compliant. The pack-stable machine climbs and descends with ease. It is truly a do-it-all gravel bike. agility, pack stability, climbs and descends with ease, and yes, aerodynamics – the Ultimate do-it-all gravel bike. Available on tour in sizes M, M/L, and L, fitting riders between 5’2″ and 6’3″.


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