Want to go faster? Install better brakes on your bike.

Want to go faster? Install better brakes on your bike.

July 07 2017 | TR.

Want to go faster? Install better brakes on your bike.

Want to go faster? Install better brakes on your bike.


Control = confidence and confidence = speed.

We’re all friends here so I am going to be honest with you. I hesitated at the thought of exchanging my trusty Durable and Abel road brake calipers for the feathery light eeBrakes. I mean really, how do you remove half the weight (140 grams!) of the leading road brakes and come out for the better? I soon found out the answer - eeBrakes.

The man behind the eeBrakes, Craig Edwards, is a genius. Not only did he push the limits of brake design, he can push you to your limits on a bike too. He set out to make the best road brake possible and he succeeded. He took all the things riders dislike about road brakes (heavy, clunky and finicky) and made them better.

Like a mad scientist Craig went to work with high grade aluminum, titanium and stainless steel to create the road taming monster eeBrake. But this monster is all about control. Control is what separates the big fish from the little fish in the pack. When you are in tune with your bike it becomes a part of you and you can push the boundaries of speed. A thought becomes movement and that movement becomes the action that either has you leading the field down a mountain or left behind looking for soft run-off landings in the corners. Remember, control = confidence and confidence = speed.

Modulation. That’s where you get the confidence to corner like a scared cat on a shag rug. Modulation is what allows one to scrub off as much or little speed as they want without braking traction. Braking traction in a hairpin corner will leave you taping gauze to your hip and elbow for weeks. Modulation allows you to feel what the brakes are doing ripping downhill or setting a corner on fire. Some brakes are like light switches – they are either on or off and feel dead. You either have too much or not enough. Modulation allows you to pull the brake lever to different degrees and get the result you want (and it some cases – need).

With all this goodness in mind I installed a feathery pair of regular mount eeBrakes on my Specialized Venge and was off to the highest peaks to see what these bad-boys felt like at speed. There’s a nice twisty ripper near work that has challenged me time and time again. There’s a set of hairpin turns in the middle of the descent mess me up mentally due to the speed of entry and perhaps the 19% pitch! In the past I would come in too hot and blow my line and have to over-brake or I would chicken out early and hit the two corners at mid-speed happy to ride another day.

With the eeBrakes everything changed. That modulation I mentioned before was in harmony with my fingertips. I found the sweet spot and carved the hot left-hander in total control. Then a split second later I was throwing my weight over the right side of the bike and dissecting the dangerous right hitting the mental path I had laid out so many times before, but was unable to get my bike to follow. The braking was alive and fluid. It reacted to every minor input I sent through the cable and delivered. On this day, on eeBrakes my bike tore through the corners like it was on rails. With that, I was stoked to find more descents to conquer!

Oh but wait, there’s more! Edwards didn’t just stop at making the best performing brakes on the market. He made them the most user friendly too. Need to change your brakes pads? It’s easy and does not require tools. If you are finicky like me, you want your calipers perfectly centered at all times the eeBrakes provides super precision adjustments with tool-free centering dial. The quick release function on the eeBrakes opens the calipers wide and allows for 700x28 tires to easily drop out. No more pounding in the top of the wheel to get it past the pads like on other brakes. Campagnolo, SRAM or Shimano, eeBrakes will work with all the brands in direct mount or standard mount configurations.  Heck, there’s even 8 different colored badges to choose from to customize the brakes to your bike. Choose from Red, blue, white, yellow, green, orange and grey.

We all take the time to train to be the best cyclist we can be. Some aspire to race at the head of the field and some like to ride the backroads and enjoy the scenery. In either case, we all love to ride and count on our brakes to get us safely through town and down the hills and mountains. There’s an old saying that people don’t think about their brakes until they really need them. With the eeBrakes you will think about your beautiful brakes a little more since they will raise your game, improve your ride and have you itching to get back on your bike and push your limits.

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