Suspension Service

Suspension Service

September 01 2016 | Andrew S.

Suspension Service

Far more complicated than carbon frames, extensively more intricate then drivetrain systems, and unarguably held to the highest expectations. Your mountain bikes rear suspension is the most technically advanced piece of equipment on today’s bicycle market.  Knowledge, familiarity, and routine maintenance of your suspension components will maximize the overall performance of your bike.  And leave you with a better ride out on the trail.  


Don’t forget to read the instruction manual, there you will find definitions and diagrams, setup and operating guidelines, as well as maintenance intervals and techniques.  After you have done your homework, it’s time to gear up and ride!


Cane Creek is proud to offer and support a network of Authorized Certified Service Centers worldwide as well as our  “in house” Factory Direct Service.  Here trained suspension technicians specialize in the procedures and techniques Cane Creek engineers have set in place to insure every Double Barrel suspension component will be up to whatever challenge or obstacle they will encounter out on the trial.

A few tips we have found useful to maximize the life of your Double Barrel between services include:

  • Check your SAG

    • To much sag (under sprung) can result in frequent diving and bottom outs which is prone to cause internal shock damage.

    • To little SAG (over sprung) can result in a harsh feel and excessive internal pressures.  


  • Insure that you frames Linkage bolts are within the OEM’s torque spec.

    • Play between mounting hardware and your frame can result in a misalignment of your shock.  


  • Inspect frame linkage bearings

    • Frame pivots are prone to collecting dirt and grime which can cause your suspension to build stiction. Clean and replace as needed for optimal suspension movement.   


  • Do not use any pressure washers, solvents or degreasers to clean your shock

    • This can damage shaft finish, anodized parts, o-rings, and seals


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