Finding Charlie

Finding Charlie

November 20 2017 | Luke Bukoski

Meet Eoghan

Sometimes life can get a little, let’s say, repetitive when you’re a shock coil.

Sometimes life can get a little, let’s say, repetitive when you’re a shock coil.

Sure, your job is pretty sweet. You spend your days keeping shredders, huckers and bros from major bodily harm while sailing through the air and cruising down the most spectacular terrain on the planet.  You get that not every spring in the world has such a great job.  I mean, I’m pretty sure there are springs in toilets.

It’s just that – no matter how great your job is as far as springs go – it really doesn’t change much from day to day. You hit the trail. Bounce, bounce, bounce, flow… bounce, bounce, bounce, corner… repeat.

Sometimes we all long for something different; A change in scenery; A break from the constant traumatic expansion and contraction of work.

We get that, and so, when one of our springs – a 300 x 2.25 steel coil named Charlie – put in for a little time off, we approved the request right away.  And when Charlie told us that he was thinking of taking a trip to the Emerald Isle, our wheels started to spin.

“How about a contest?” we said to ourselves.

Charlie can send us some photos from his travels and we can share them on Social Media – just like grandma does but with more bars and less white capri pants and sun hats. Then Charlie would settle in at a pub somewhere, maybe on a shelf full of spirituous liquor, and wait until some determined mountain biker followed his trail.

So that’s what we did.

Charlie at the airport

“During it all I had my family and girlfriend helping with figuring out the photos. She's from county Mayo, which is on the west of Ireland near some of the photos, so she had family there in case that's where it ended up,” Eogan told us. “My dad recognised all the pubs in Dublin because it's his job to go to each and service the taps. My mum recognised the rock type on Slievemore so that's how we figured out that photo. The whole time the photos were in the west of Ireland we were hoping it would it would come back to Dublin.”The contest started with a picture from the airport on November 7th and ended when Eoghan Mullholland found Charlie - with a little help from friends and family – a week later on November 14.

Charlie did make it back to Dublin, to the bar at the Metro Hotel to be exact and Eoghan sprung at the opportunity (see what I did there?) as soon as the picture was posted. In true rebel fashion he took off from school (actually he was on his lunch break. Stay in school, kids) and he had Charlie in hand and a photo sent to Cane Creek’s Facebook account within 45 minutes of the picture going online.

 Charlie at the graveyard

For his diligence and willingness to ask him mom to identify random rocks on Facebook, Eoghan will receive a one-of-a-kind chartreuse (it’s a neon yellow-green, Don’t worry we had to look it up too) HELM Coil 27.5 fork along with a sweet limited edition Coil Creek hat from Weevil Outdoor Supply Company.

 Meet Eoghan

Ride hard Eoghan. And take care of Charlie for us. Apparently he’s taken a liking to the beer on your side of the pond and has decided to stay. 

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