Cane Creek’s Perfect Pairs

Nate & Liz
Departments at Cane Creek are so in sync that employees often end up “twinning”


It’s probably slipped your mind, but today is, in fact, National Siblings Day in the United States. We’re sure you’re just thrilled.

Siblings can be your best friends, worst enemies, or somewhere in between. These Cane Creek “Perfect Pairs” won’t annoy, interfere, criticize, make snide remarks, borrow your clothes, monopolize the bathroom, leave the toilet seat up, or get in the way… In fact, with them you’ll share a mutual unconditional love, and we promise they’ll be there for you when you need them most.

Peas & carrots, peanut butter & jelly, grilled cheese & tomato soup… these go together (like rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong):


It doesn’t get any better than this pair. eeWings All-Road crankset is made almost entirely of titanium, save the CNC aluminum bottom bracket preloader. The cranks sparkle and shine just as much as they provide a stiff, stable, and lightweight pedaling platform. When paired with the platinum-finished limited edition eeBrakes El Platino, your bike performance (and sexiness) will soar. In fact, your future’s so bright with the eeWings All-Road and eeBrakes El Platino that you’ll need to put on a pair of shades…

eeBrakes El Platino are limited edition and only available until April 19, 2019. Take advantage of this perfect pair before they disappear forever.

eeWings All-Road
Cane Creek El Platino Limited Edition eeBrakes
Limited Edition eeBrake G4 El Platino



Now your entire bike family can be matchy-matchy! Take your “twinning” to the next level by adding a colored HELM sticker kit to your order. Sticker kits are available in blue, green, orange, pink, stealth matte black, and stealth gloss black and will apply easily on any HELM fork, even the brand new HELM Works Series 130 (even though it has a larger, die-cut sticker).

Drew Stevenson’s Specialized Chisel featuring a HELM WS130 with pink stickers is hot













Drew is riding the new HELM WS130. Not only did Drew customize the stickers on his fork legs, but he also matched them to a pink 110 headset and custom pink adjuster knobs
Custom pink adjuster knobs on Drew’s WS130











At first glance, this may seem an unlikely pair. However eeSilk premium suspension seatpost and Hellbender 70 headset have one major quality in common: They disappear. The very best components are the ones you never notice: they’re working flawlessly in the background providing you with reliable performance and unmatched confidence. eeSilk weighs only 295 grams and is comparable in weight to traditional rigid performance seatposts. It offers 20mm of vertical compliance, improving control on rough surfaces and reducing fatigue on long rides, allowing you to ride farther, longer far more comfortably. Hellbender 70 headset is a dream for cyclists, especially riders who like to get out in all conditions. The low-friction upper bearing seal completely seals the headset cup and sealed stainless-steel Hellbender bearing from contaminants (read: dirt, dust, road grime, sand, spiders, etc.) and is fully captured by the top cover with no loose parts. The Hellbender 70 gives you the design characteristics, sealing elements, and quality bearing found on a 110-series headset at a more palatable price.

Cane Creek eeSilk
eeSilk Premium Suspension Seatpost completely disappears into your ride so you can ride longer, farther, more comfortably
Cane Creek Hellbender 70 Headset
Hellbender 70: The design, sealing, and bearing of the 110, but at a fraction of the price










This one’s a no-brainer. Cane Creek’s patented Climb Switch technology has changed the way riders think about suspension. No other shock on the market offers climbing-specific damping for both compression and rebound. Keeping suspension active while climbing results in better connection to the trail and increased efficiency without annoying pedal-bob. When Climb Switch technology was introducted to Double Barrel IL shocks, we knew we needed an OPTion for remote control over compression damping… see what we did there? Enter: Opt. Opt is the Climb Switch handlebar remote that gives riders the option to tune their Climb Switch to their desired riding preference without their hands ever having to leave the handlebars. DB IL shocks and Opt go together like a more delicious version of peas and carrots… which would be like ice-cream and sprinkles.

OPT Top mount
If you own a DBair IL or DBcoil IL, you need an Opt. Yes, need.


Brent Graves, Cane Creek President & CEO, acknowledges, “The inspiration for the Road Cache came from [a rider’s] use of a ThudGlove to carry his spare tube and supplies.” The Road Cache is a minimalist, water resistant accessory pouch designed to fit in a jersey pocket. It has room to carry a 700×25 or smaller tube, tire levers and a CO2 inflator.  Unlike competitors, the Road Cache is about less is more – it weighs less than a gel (only 27 grams!). The Road Cache is a clamshell design made of black neoprene with sturdy water-resistant zippers. While the Multi-Tool is neither minimalist, nor lightweight, and it definitely won’t fit inside the Road Cache with your repair equipment, it is an vital tool to carry with you on rides of any length. The tool comes equipped with 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, and 6mm allen wrenches, T25 “torx” wrench, and Phillips-head screwdriver. Additionally, and arguably most importantly, the integrated bottle-opener doubles as a spoke wrench and the corkscrew… opens a bottle of wine. All this with a beautiful wood finish – you can’t ask for much more!

Consider this situation:
You have a mechanical, you aren’t carrying any repair equipment, but a good samaritan stops to help you with his/her own equipment. This is a six-pack+ or bottle of wine transaction.
You have a mechanical, you are carrying your own repair equipment, and a good samaritan stops to help you get rolling again. This is a single beer or glass of wine transaction.

Moral of the story: Buy a Road Cache and Cane Creek Multi-Tool and carry your own $h!t.

Road Cache Storage Pocket
Road Cache Storage Pocket – repair equipment and $20 bill not included
Cane Creek Multi-tool
Cane Creek Multi-Tool’s best features are the corkscrew and bottle-opener… for obvious reasons