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Precision, ingenuity and the love of the ride… That’s the essence of ee

In August of 2016, Cane Creek formed a long-term partnership with eecycleworks of California to produce, market and distribute their products. Out of that partnership, a unique philosophy was born.

At the time of our partnership, eecycleworks was producing a handful of components, all of which are incredibly well-designed and easy to service. Their hallmark product was the eeBrake. Cane Creek took over the production, marketing, sales and distribution of the eeBrake line and agreed that the two companies would collaborate on future component development.

Described by media as, “engineering brilliance”, eeBrakes are truly in a class of their own.  Relentless engineering and precision craftsmanship have resulted in a lighter brake with dramatically higher overall stiffness, better modulation and more power than the current industry-leading offers. Company co-founder, Craig Edwards, was originally known in the cycling industry for his “Sweet Wings” Cranks in the mid 90’s, a product which in it’s own right set the course for what cranks are today.

Craig Edwards has remained intimately involved with the eeBrakes product line and works closely with the Cane Creek team developing new innovations. His manufacturing and design talent paired with an attention to detail and passion to build the best, meshes perfectly with the acumen of Cane Creek. So much so that we have determined that all products bearing the “ee” brand will be held to a higher standard. They must bear exceptional design quality and identify radical innovations that surpass the norm.

Cane Creek is rooted in innovation and values the lessons we’ve learned by being bold enough to attempt something that hasn’t been done before.

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