Can’t Find Your Bike?

Can’t find your bike in the Cane Creek Fit Finder? Don’t let it stop you from getting the parts you need for your steed.

The Cane Creek Fit Finder is a living, breathing reference guide for bike frame specs and part fitment born from countless man hours and cooperation with frame manufactures. New bikes are coming out all the time and our existing, off-line database has over 13,000 entries, so every day bikes are getting added.

“But how does this help me?” If you are a consumer looking to make a purchase, you’ve got options:

Skip the Fit Finder. You DO NOT HAVE to use the Fit Finder to place an order. If you know the necessary sizes, specs, etc., just go straight to the part page and select what you need.

If you don’t know the required specs, check with your manufacture’s website. Some have more information than others and many have archives going back far enough to cover you.

For seatposts specifically, the majority of posts have their size inscribed on them. Simply pull your current post out of the frame and have a look.

When all else fails:

Call Cane Creek. We may have your bike info offline and can help you get the right parts to fit your bike. If not, we can walk you through collecting the info yourself right over the phone.

If you are a manufacture who wants to see your bikes listed in the Fit Finder, we’d love to start that ball rolling. Just reach out to us at