Can’t Find Your Bike?

If you are looking for sizing on a headset, please visit Cane Creek’s Headset Fit Finder in the menu at the top of the page.

Thank you for your patience while we improve this tool.

The new Cane Creek Fit Finder is a living reference guide for what Cane Creek product fits your bike. It was born out of a need to update and consolidate several older tools into a single comprehensive database that shows all of the product that fits your bike. The process of reformatting older data to fit the new tool while gathering new specs from frame manufacturers is a big job and one that will always be ongoing. Thank you for your patience as we work to add more bikes to our database.

Over the spring of 2018 we will work to add model years 2014 – 2018 bikes from our OEM partners, top brands by sales and the most popular brands with our riders based on their feedback. We will also be working separately to reformat and add historic data to the database. Please keep checking back.

If you would like to request that a specific brand be added to the site, please email us at Your feedback helps us know which brands to prioritize as we update the tool.

If your bike is not currently in the database

If you are a consumer looking to make a purchase:

You do not have to use the Fit Finder to place an order. If you know the necessary sizes, specs, etc., just go straight to the part page and select what you need. If you don’t know the required specs, check with your bike manufacturer’s website. Some have more information than others and many have archives going back far enough to cover you.

For seatposts specifically, the majority of posts have their size inscribed on them. Simply pull your current post out of the frame and have a look.

Call Cane Creek. We may have your bike info offline and can help you get the right parts to fit your bike. If not, we can walk you through collecting the info yourself right over the phone.

If you are a manufacturer who wants to see your bikes listed in the Fit Finder:

We would love to have your bikes as part of the fit finder. Please reach out to us at If we are able to receive complete and well formatted data from you, we will be able to quickly add your products into the database.